Don't Panic – The Grad Student's Guide Surviving your PhD SS'17


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Course Information

Type Single Lecture (0 ECTS)
Lecturer Dr. Jilles Vreeken
Email jilles (at)
Lecture Thursday May 11th, 16–18 o'clock, Room E1.3 0.02.
Summary Pursuing a PhD can be daunting, scary, stressful, and otherwise tricky business. It's not like anything you've done it before, right? However, with a bit of preparation, a few tips and tricks, and a dash of luck, pursuing a PhD can also easily be the best thing ever. In this talk I aim to give you that preparation, and share the tips and tricks I know of. And hopefully also entertain. Doing a PhD is already serious enough, after all.


You can download the slides right here.

Course format

The course consists of a single lecture of two hours. There are no tutorial group meetings.

Target Audience

Are you a Bachelor or Master student and interested in doing a PhD, or, did you perhaps already just start your PhD? Then this lecture is for you.

Signing Up

To avoid ending up in a room that is way too small or large, if you plan to attend, please send a confirmation by email to the lecturer on or before Monday May 4 23:59.